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About Growing Imaginations
Growing Imaginations is a family owned daycare whose objective is to provide quality educational child care services to the community. We are committed to being a leader of quality educational childcare services, raising the standards for early childhood education, and maintaining high standards of expectations in early childhood education. 

Growing Imaginations is a Bilingual Daycare. It offers preschoolers a formal bilingual curriculum by delivering instruction in English and Spanish. Our program develops dual language proficiency along with strong academic achievement amongst preschool children. Our two-way bilingual program focuses on language development in two languages by exposing the students to music, learning center activities, circle time, reading, playing, and daily interactions in both languages. Our curriculum stimulates learning and curiosity in children. We foster a learning environment where the students can achieve and excel academically, socially, physically, and emotionally, through structured quality teaching, mentoring, and support by our faculty and staff. The students are encouraged to develop good moral character, morals, habits, and individual talents. 

We pride ourselves in creating unique learning environments that cater to the families which we service. Our daycare prides itself in being an extension of the students’ home, a place where children are provided a safe learning environment. We also pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of educational child care/pre-school services available. 
Our teachers and staff not only instruct and support the students academically, but they also nurture and guide each student to believe in themselves; they challenge them to excel and reach the highest of expectations, and to achieve academically, so they can become life-long learners who excel to their fullest potential.